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Your Professional Voice

Speech & Diction


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The Richard Jennings Voice Studio


How you speak creates a strong impression on people.

It affects how they perceive you professionally.

Private Voice Lessons   Half Hour or 45 Minutes


Group Work Available

For anyone who uses their voice in business or public.

Teaching Professionals
HowTo Communicate Effectively 

My Students Come From:

Apple, Cisco Systems, Google,  

Law Firms, Financial Firms, Banks


My clients include a wide variety of professionals from every continent. I regularly work with individuals around the world online.


Among my students there have been;

TV newscasters, candidates for high political office, executives, trial lawyers, software developers, entrepenuers, medical doctors, professors, maître d's, bankers, business managers, political consultants, researchers, ministers, classroom teachers and a wide variety of very smart people who want to have a voice that engenders respect and be taken seriously.


The Richard Jennings Voice Studio
The Richard Jennings Voice Studio

You'd be surprised at

how many top professionals

have done this work.


Often, current chiefs send their picks from the next generation to work with me.


Sometimes, up and comers from the

next generation are smart enough

to come to me on their own.

The Richard Jennings Voice Studio

        I listen to you carefully.

We identify where the work is needed.


I introduce you to positive habits that help you become aware of your sound and speak your best, naturally.


We work the elements of effective speaking;

Breath, Resonance, Pitch, Articulation, Projection and Rate.

Contact For More Information
Or To Book a Lesson







CALL: 510-219-1479


Tell me about yourself.


What do you want to accomplish?


What Time Zone are you in?


What are your best times for lessons?


What length lesson do you choose? 

(30 min or one 45 min)


Would you like me to speak with the

HR Director of your company?

My training is world-class

I have the ears, training, 

experience and expertise 

to help you meet your goals.



San Diego State U. 
Old Globe Theatre MFA
U of San Diego
U of Michigan(ext)
UC San Diego (ext)

International, network TV performer 

and voice over talent 

Lesson structure

  • We meet once or twice a week for 30 or 45 minutes.
  • We record each lesson. You get an MP3 for practice.
  • You're given specific assignments tailored to you.
  • 6-12 Weeks are usually enough

Weekdays, 8 AM to 6 PM (Pacific Standard Time)

Meet Richard Jennings


Made through the PayPal option.


I can Invoice your company.


Online lessons will not start unless pre-paid.


Once a lesson routine has been established, most students pay for four lessons at the beginning of each four lesson block.


I ask for a 24 hour notice for any changes in scheduling. I charge for no-shows and late cancellations. By comitting to a certain time for you, I'm turning away others.


PRICE: 30 min - $60             45 min - $80

I hold a graduate degree in Vocal Pedagogy (the teaching of voice) from the University of Michigan. I've taught at major universities and some of the nations top theatres.


Having worked with singers, actors, public speakers and business people from around the world, I have a very sensitive ear and knack for honing in on the strengths and weaknesses of voices.


My deep understanding of vocal technique allows me to create an effective program for each individual.


Teaching Voice and Diction for the Theatre Dept. at San Diego State University, I developed a powerful program to help you find your professional voice.

I listen to how you speak and also how you perceive your voice. It's important to understand what your goals are. Together, we decide what will be most beneficial to you. I craft a program to get those desired results.  


We'll work through three phases of our work:


There's a wealth of intellectual information that you'll need to understand so our work makes sense to you.


There's the physical aspect: Making the sounds, feeling them in your body. Being able to repeat your successes.


Finally, you'll reach a point where the skills you learn with me will become so normal and routine that they become habit, your new way of speaking.


I shepherd you through each of these phases

until, one happy day, you don't need me any more. You will be ready to continue on with self awareness and confidence.

The Work

The Skill Set

The Richard Jennings Voice Studio

Client Testimonials

"Meet Richard. He taught me. He is an exact man, and is excellent at dividing things into clean concepts" - A.

“I came to Richard Jennings to improve the quality of my speaking voice and develop greater awareness of my voice. It has been one of the best return on investments I have made in my professional development.” 

- Bill



"What I liked about Richard is the thoroughness of his approach. 


Richard would tape all the sessions, and ask that I listen to them. This was enormously useful, because you cannot really hear yourself when you are speaking, but when its played back, you can objectively evaluate your own speech.  It took me however a few lessons to fully appreciate what he trying to communicate. Give him a few sessions before judging him "




"I had no idea you would be able to pick up on the problem so quickly and put me on the road to clarity. Your techniques are clear and simple. Who would have thought voice lessons would be so easy and so effective? "

- Christine



"He has a terrific ear for identifying barriers and bad habits. He has a vivid way of communicating ideas and techniques and puts them into practice with a wide array of warm ups and exercises. I highly recommend him."

- Rona



“If you are dedicated and want to improve your voice, Richard is the teacher for you.”

- Ryan


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