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Three Is A Magic Number

Three Is A Magic Number

# 1 Intellectual-Physical-Habit

Richard Jennings

In vocal work a lot of things happen in three. Here’s how we can break down the learning process into three essential steps:

The first phase is intellectual. There’s a lot of information to digest. It’s important we understand how the body makes sound. In our lessons, we cover the anatomy, acoustics of the voice along and how we project sound into a microphone or space. There’s a lot to understand. It’s got to make sense to you so you can trust it and make it work for you.

The second phase is physical. We break down the skills into simple things that you can have repeated success with. Things like: Feeling the breath connect to the tone. Traversing the chest voice/head voice “passagio” eliminating the break and establishing one great sound from the bottom to the top bottom of your vocal range. Finding the “point” in front of you to effortlessly project. When you practice the “goofy sounds” and simple exercises I give you, they become pretty easy to do and repeat with little thought or effort.

The third phase is habit. When you understand and trust the simple physical elements of good vocal technique these skills settle into your way of thinking and muscle memory. You start relaxing into your better voice as you practice and perform. You find you’re able to work with your sound and get the very best out of your voice every time you sing. Your awareness confidence grow and you sound great!

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